Weddings, parties, corporate events

- Add a touch of magic

Joanne is happy to provide solo violin music for up to four hours for any type of function. She plays acoustic violin to backing tracks and brings all her own equipment. This is the perfect set-up for an intimate setting. Joanne has a mic for her acoustic violin, but can play her electric violin for parties comprising over 100 people if preferred. Please listen to the tracks provided to hear the effect of acoustic violin with backing tracks.



Joanne will require a chair and side table for her amp and i-pod. She also requires a power-point. Joanne will bring a music stand, small amp, extension lead and violin. Please make sure you have allowed enough space. Thank you. (Joanne normally wears a black dress for events, but feel free to ask for a different dress code or colour scheme). Joanne does not play outside unless power and complete cover are provided.